Behind every headline about climate change, water scarcity or damage to the environment are real people and communities who face these environmental challenges every day. Many women and girls spend countless hours collecting water to care for themselves and their families. Others live in places that are especially vulnerable to the risks of a warming climate. To us, it is impossible to separate the environment from the people who depend on it. 

We are enriching communities by protecting our natural resources and supporting a healthy planet so people can thrive for generations to come. 

A Healthy Planet is a Human Right

girl getting water

Environmental Management

A priority for people, communities and our business.
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Climate + Energy

We view climate change as both an environmental issue and a human rights issue.
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Supply Chain

Helping to reduce suppliers' impact on the planet.
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Mills + Laundries
Chemicals Management

Water Stewardship

Treating water as a human right. Learn More


Working towards 80% waste diversion. Learn More