GPS Platform Services by Gap Inc. provides supply chain solutions that meet the needs of DTC and B2B companies across the value chain. We drive growth and competitive advantage for brands by leveraging 50+ years of operational expertise, technical and digital capabilities, and customer insight.

Grow  your brand and scale your operational capacity with us.

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GPS Platform Services

GPS Platform Services offers logistics & fulfillment capacity and scale to retailers looking to grow their brand and expand their operations.

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Logistics & Fulfillment Capabilities

Omnichannel E-Commerce and B2B Fulfillment

  • Scalable, high volume, automated e-commerce fulfillment​
  • Omnichannel capabilities for B2B wholesale and retail stores distribution
  • Self-service portal with API integrations to Shopify, Amazon, and other major commerce platforms
  • Extensive nationwide distribution network

Storage & Warehousing 

  • Short-term storage with flexible terms
  • Pallet and case in and out cross docking services
  • Support for outbound ground freight

Parcel Shipping 

  • Fast, flexible next day and 2-day shipping
  • Automated shipping service selection
  • International shipping 

Returns Processing and Post-Purchase Experience

  • Returns initiation and return shipping labels
  • Returns processing at our fulfillment centers
  • Integration with major post-purchase experience platforms 
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Let's Grow Together

GPS Platform Services by Gap Inc. is designed to meet the logistical needs of all types of businesses in the retail space. We offer scale, capacity (storage, warehousing, packaging, shipping), low cost, and automation to our business partners. For those needing more support, we offer professional customer success services right-sized to your needs to ensure operational success.

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Nationwide Distribution Network to Meet Your Growing Business Needs

  • 7 distribution center campuses in North America with 12M+ square footage 
  • 1B+ units processed annually 
  • 9,000+ logistics workforce that scales with seasonal demand 
  • Dock to stock in less than 48 hours 
  • Release to load by 3pm for same day outbound pick-up
  • Order accuracy rate of 99.8%
  • 99% on time ready to ship

Business Solutions for Your Customers

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Supporting Your Growth

• Fast next day and 2-day shipping 
• API-enabled integration to major commerce platforms
• No capital expenditure required
• Dedicated customer success team

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Scaling Your Operations

• Multi-node regional distribution and fulfillment 
• International shipping 
• Transportation and freight services
• Plug and play integrations with enterprise systems
• Omnichannel and supply chains scaling experts 

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Optimizing Your Logistics

• Omnichannel capabilities (DTC, B2B, Wholesale, Stores)
• Warehousing for short-term storage and cross-docking 
• Returns processing with post purchase platform integration
• VAS includes vendor compliance and custom packaging

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