Employee Engagement and Corporate Giving

Two Employees Volunteering

We promote Gap Inc.’s value to be a force for good in the world while our legacy of community involvement fosters a culture of employee engagement and community impact.
Employees are empowered to learn and connect with each other and their local communities, and to support causes that are meaningful to them and our company. This includes company- and employee-led activities, rallies, events to raise awareness and money, opportunities to volunteer and more.

Our Approach

Beyond donating time and money, we use campaigns and educational programs to encourage employees to think broadly about all the ways they can have a positive impact in their communities. Our brands also lead their own community-focused programs from volunteer events to clothing donation drives, to sample sales that raise money for the Selvage Fund.

These programs deliver both social and business benefits, making an impact in the communities we serve, while helping our employees connect with our ESG work.

Some of our programs include:

  • Take Five volunteering: We encourage our exempt employees to volunteer for five “on the clock” hours per month, empowering our people to support the causes they care about in ways that work best for them.
  • Community Leader Program: Community Leaders rally their teams to support their communities - whether by participating in company-wide initiatives or working with a local nonprofit organization to use the talents and skills of our employees.
  • Volunteer Rally: Each fall, individual districts and regions, and teams from Gap Inc. headquarters, compete to achieve the highest employee participation in small daily actions that promote good in the world.  
  • Field Team Grants: For every 25 hours a store team volunteers to support an eligible organization, they can request a $250 grant for the community organization.  
  • Money for Time: We donate $150 to the partner nonprofit for every 15 hours an employee volunteers during the calendar year.
  • Donation Match: We match employee donations dollar for dollar, up to $1,000 for part-time employees and $15,000 for full-time employees.  
  • Board Service: We contribute funding to eligible nonprofits where eligible employee leaders provide their service as board members.  
  • Walk for Water: For World Water Day in March, our employees help raise awareness and funds to address the challenges women face accessing water globally. Every year, our employees around the world complete a 1.2-mile walk to represent the average distance women around the world walk every day for water.  
  • Partnership with GLIDE: For more than 20 years Gap Inc. has partnered with GLIDE, an organization based in our headquarter city of San Francisco that supports people in need with food, housing, healthcare and family services. Each year, our employees distribute almost 5,000 bags of food to local community members, 100 children get an Old Navy Shopping Spree, and we partner with them for our Adopt a Family program, fulfilling the holiday gift wishes of hundreds of children, teens, and families throughout the Bay Area.
  • Selvage Fund: Named after the tightly woven edge of a fabric that prevents it from unraveling or fraying, our disaster relief fund supports Gap Inc. employees in times of need.