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Gap Inc. Sourcing

Gap Inc. Sourcing is a strategic, competitive asset to Gap Inc. and our portfolio of brands delivering benchmark quality, operations and cost performance season on season.

The team is the custodian of supply risk & business continuity - orchestrating a dynamic supply ecosystem by harnessing the power of a global manufacturing network and driving supply chain agility through technical expertise, keen strategy and new digital tools and workflows.

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Talent Areas

At Gap Inc., we do more than sell clothes. We take pride in creating products and experiences our customers love while doing right by our employees, community, and planet.

Our teams strategically manage an ever-changing sourcing landscape, collaborate with leading technology players in fabric, chemicals, and manufacturing to drive innovative solutions.

Creative types, analytical types, and types that combine the best of both, there's a place for every kind of talent here. What matters is that you're curious, inventive, collaborative, and aren't satisfied with the status quo.

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Gap Inc. Sourcing

Perfect Fit for Collaborators

Within Gap Inc. Sourcing, collaboration is key – it’s what drives our countless sourcing relationships within the company and across a complex network of vendors, mills, and business partners. Our team unlocks the innovation required to ensure our products meet exceptionally high-quality standards for our customers.

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Strategic Sourcing

Perfect Fit for Negotiators

To support our various product efforts, we heavily rely on our Strategic Sourcing team to maximize their business relationships with non-merchandise vendors. As experts in market intelligence, this group strategically partners with best-in-class suppliers while creating value by leveraging our enormous size and scale.

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Global Logistics

Perfect Fit for Navigators

Our fast and flexible Global Logistics team oversees the incredible journey our products make to reach retail stores and customer homes. Our strategy teams are always on the lookout to ensure inventory availability and delivery speed while leveraging efficiencies for flexibility, accuracy, and service quality.

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Strategy and Product Operations 

Perfect Fit for Strategists

The Strategy and Product Operations team comprises data-driven masterminds who meticulously match the inventory with customer demand via a responsive supply chain. By keeping a close pulse on the ever-changing retail landscape, this team drives our evolving product-to-market pipeline through customer insights and innovative testing data.