Old Navy

November 6, 2019

Hillary O'Malley, Digital Merchandise Manager for Boys, loves the challenge of working in the ever-changing digital landscape. Being the go-getter that she is, Hillary keeps herself on her toes by also teaching barre fitness classes on the side. 

Lucky for us, she leads one of those classes in our own HQ office through our ongoing wellness program, TLC @ MB (that stands for Mission Bay…one of the hottest areas in San Francisco)! With help from Hillary, we can fit in a 45-minute sweat session every week.

Read on to learn more about Hillary and what makes her #oldnavyproud! 

BEST PART ABOUT YOUR TEAM: My team has become my second family and truly a home away from home. We encourage, respect, inspire and trust each other – and humor always helps.

WHAT IS BARRE + WHO CAN DO IT?: The perfectly balanced workout – a low impact, adaptable combination of yoga, pilates + cardio. Much like Old Navy brings the democracy of style, barre brings the democracy of fitness. This is a workout designed for all – all body types, all fitness levels and all ages. 

YOUR BARRE JOURNEY: Several years ago, I gave myself the personal goal to face my fear of public speaking – finding the courage to take on the microphone and lead a packed barre class has been rewarding beyond measure. I’ve developed the ability to think quickly on my feet (literally!) and honed my power of persuasion (because let’s be honest…no one really wants to hold on through that final countdown). 

YOUR EXPERIENCE TEACHING FOR MB: It's a favorite 45-minute block of my week! I’ve loved being able to connect with team members across the building and help empower everyone to make the workout their own. 

WHY YOU'RE PASSIONATE ABOUT TLC @ MB: I fully believe in balance. A bit of time spent away from the desk can make the time you're at your desk that much more efficient + impactful.

FAVORITE OLD NAVY ACTIVE-WEAR: Old Navy's High-Waisted Elevate Built-In Sculpt 7/8-Length Compression Legging (especially in bright colors!).

WHAT MAKES YOU #OLDNAVYPROUD: Old Navy fosters an incredibly empowering work environment – every voice matters and every voice belongs.



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