Hill City

October 14, 2019

As Hill City gears up to celebrate its one-year anniversary on October 15th, the task to discover and select an ambassador that represents both the Hill City man and its San Francisco roots was more important than ever. Over the next month, Hill City plans to make a big splash in its origin city.  A pop-up shop will launch in San Francisco’s Hayes Valley, a mobile shopping truck will peruse local neighborhoods, and a Muni bus will be outfitted with Hill City signage.

Teague Moriarty is equally immersed in the Bay Area.  If you’re lucky enough to snag a reservation at his Michelin star restaurant “Sons & Daughters,” you’ll be absorbed into one of the most “accessible fine dining” experiences in San Francisco. “I think to make it feel worth it for people, you really have to go above and beyond just putting out good food,” he says about his restaurant, “almost anticipate people’s needs before they have them, so they walk away thinking ‘wow, that was good.’”

Moriarty is your iconic Hill City man; spending his time outside the restaurant surfing, running, and with his six-year old daughter. “I always wanted to be a dad, I’m stoked on having a daughter! It’s by far the most important thing,” he tells us. “I want her to feel heard at a young age.”

But Moriarty’s path to his well-balanced life hasn’t always been straight. At a young age, the suicide of his older brother left him reeling and threw him off-course.  Now, starting each day with a clear head is what keeps him thriving in work, life and play.  “Putting in the work, be it exercise, meditation, mental health; it’s going to make me feel better for the other 23 hours of the day…so I go do that thing.”

For a more on Teague Moriarty’s journey, read the Q&A here.



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