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May 14, 2024

This message was sent to Gap Inc. Employees.  


Team –     

As you know, Gap Inc.’s vision is to become a high-performing house of iconic American brands that shape culture. And to achieve that vision, we need to give ourselves every advantage -- from compelling strategies to the structure, talent and partners to support those strategies.     

Today, I want to share important news on both of those fronts.     

First, Gap Inc. has retained Omnicom Media Group as our new strategic cross-brand agency of record.     

As our brands ramp up their reinvigoration efforts, deepening connections with customers and engaging in the cultural conversation, it’s crucial we work with best-in-class partners who can help us imagine and then do better.      

We’ve found that partner in OMG. Their client roster includes some of world’s best culture creators among them: Apple, Disney, L’Oréal, Chanel, PepsiCo, and Vans. OMG recognizes that fashion is entertainment, and they know how to work at the speed of culture. No agency understands customer-centricity better than they do. And I’m thrilled to have their partnership as we evolve Gap Inc. for a new era. OMG has deep expertise in unlocking the power of portfolio.   

For us, that means helping us modernize Gap Inc.’s media operating model by leveraging the scale of our platform while servicing individual brand needs. Working as one team and one company to deliver greater efficiencies and elevate each of our individual brands with culturally relevant narratives that speak to brand identity, drive traffic, and build strong brand equity. Onboarding is currently underway, and we expect OMG to be fully engaged by the end of Q2.      

Thank you to the entire SLT, our heads of brand marketing and the various leaders and teams who were deeply engrained in this work and search, which was months in the making. Your partnership and leadership have made all the difference in this comprehensive review, and are a testament to the aligned, collaborative culture we’re cultivating.      

Second, we’re creating a Marketing Shared Services organization to standardize key media functions that will report directly to me.    

Effective strategies need the right structure to fit those strategies. And our new Marketing Shared Services organization will unite key media functions including shared media services, marketing intelligence and marketing enablement as one team, led by a Head of Marketing Shared Services. The open role will report to me, and oversee media and direct marketing planning and execution, marketing intelligence, and partner management. We’re fortunate to have strong media talent across our organization, and we are eager to leverage their collective strengths and skills in this new organization.

Each of these moves not only furthers our strategic priorities – maintaining financial and operational rigor, reinvigorating our brands, strengthening our platform, and energizing our culture – they enable us to better shape the exciting kind of future we are creating for our brands and this amazing company. 



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