Banana Republic

January 30, 2023

Banana Republic (BR) announced today that a new flagship store will open on San Francisco's Geary Street in 2023, an incredible next step in the brand’s path forward as a premium lifestyle brand. With a real estate strategy focused on brand intention, target customer and location criteria, BR has made the decision to reposition its 256 Grant Avenue location in downtown San Francisco, CA and seamlessly transition to a new location at 152 Geary Street. 

BR Geary Street will be a pinnacle flagship location, the next iteration of the physical manifestation of its brand transformation. For a long time, BR Grant Avenue has been an iconic destination for styling in the city of San Francisco. At its new Geary Street location, BR will continue to immerse customers in personalized experiences that are elevated, premium, and authentic, supporting the brand’s vision. This repositioning gives BR a strong presence alongside other premium brands – a clear next step in the BR journey.  

Opening with ART, Curated by Banana Republic sold in-store, and a highly curated product assortment, BR Geary Street will showcase product and artists in a new way. The brand will continue to test and iterate on personalized services, including a full-service bar where customers can sip on a cocktail or a glass of bubbly as they are styled with a new BR wardrobe.  

The store fleet is a critical point of engagement for customers, where BR brings the premium brand experience to life. Decisions like this repositioning intend to set the brand for long-term sustainable growth and profitability and BR is enthusiastic about this next step in its brand journey.  

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