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Our Commitment to Sustainability

Creating a more vibrant and sustainable future for our families and customers, our communities, and our business has never been more critical. The COVID-19 pandemic made clear the urgent need for collaboration and innovation that addresses climate change and systemic barriers to equality and opportunity. The challenges we face now are no less daunting than they were nearly 20 years ago when, as the first apparel retailer to release a social responsibility report, we first articulated our goals and committed to sharing our progress. 
Meaningful change takes action and a willingness to work together, such as we have committed to do alongside other signatories of the UN Global Compact. Every day, with partners, vendors, and advocates, we’re using the power of our values at scale to be a force for good in the world — from going climate neutral by 2050, to partnering with our manufacturers to save water in product creation, requiring suppliers to pay workers digitally, hiring and coaching the next generation of leaders, providing essential life skills to over 800,000 women in the global supply chain, and more.   
To our partners who stand with us and our teams who lead this work: thank you for living our purpose to be Inclusive, by Design. Together, we’re creating a more just and sustainable business, industry, and planet, for everyone.


Sonia Syngal
CEO, Gap Inc.

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Our Sustainability Strategy

At Gap Inc., sustainability is a key priority for our business and fuels our potential. We have always led with doing the right thing, but for Gap Inc., as one of the world’s leading apparel portfolios with four purpose-led billion dollar brands, sustainability is a business imperative.

Our journey began with the values put in place by our founders, Doris and Don Fisher, and it is a path we will continue to travel, listening and learning along the way. A female founder having the same equity stake as her husband led to a unique business perspective that spurred our long-term success. That’s why we choose to see sustainability through an inclusion lens.

We have a responsibility to address system social and environmental challenges, which are complex and interconnected. Across Gap Inc., we use the phrase “Inclusive, by Design” to guide our comprehensive view of sustainability which, at its heart, is about using the scale of our business and the influence of our brands to improve people’s lives and the communities in which we operate. We have a balanced focus across how we empower women, enable opportunity and enrich communities and the environment.

We are committed to growing our business by enabling safe, fair working conditions for the people who make our products, enabling access and opportunity across our business and addressing environmental impact across our value chain. To achieve these goals we believe in a multi-threaded approach working in partnerships across the industry to enable progress, addressing impacts in our owned and operated facilities and in engaging our customers and employees to build a more sustainable world.  

Our programs have three focus areas that together will help us create a sustainable ecosystem:

  • Empowering Women: Our business is driven by women – they are the majority of our customers, our leaders, our employees and our apparel supply chain – and we are making industry-leading investments to help ensure they are empowered to reach their full potential.
  • Enabling Opportunity: Creating sustainable economies and a culture of equality and belonging means we use the assets and scale of our business to enable access to opportunity.  
  • Enriching Communities: Gap Inc. has committed to becoming carbon neutral and water positive by 2050, eliminating single-use plastics from our value chain and supporting a circular economy to protect natural resources and ensure healthy communities for generations to come.

These issues are the most important to our business and where we believe we can have the most impact whether by working through our brands, in public-private partnerships or in consortiums within our industry. In this report, you can read about our ongoing progress against these issues and the strategies we are employing to meet our ambitious goals.

Our strategy is aligned with the international sustainability agenda and guided by frameworks including the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the Paris Agreement on climate change.

As climate changed fueled wildfires across the western United States, systemic racial inequality drove millions onto the streets in protest and a pandemic shut down the global economy, 2020 reminded us that we’re in this together and that collaborating and working together is critical. Gap Inc. is grateful to our partners across business, civil society and government, including those who, like us, have signed up to the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) to support a sustainable future. By working together, we can build greater resilience and create change.

At Gap Inc., sustainability is what powers our business and is vital for ensuring the future. We’ve always led with doing the right thing, and for Gap Inc. strong sustainability practices are a vital way for us to ensure the future. Our customers want to wear their values. We believe strongly that we can create amazing products and experiences for our customers while also ensuring we create opportunity and thriving communities.

Sally Gilligan
Chief Growth Transformation Officer, Gap Inc.

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