• Our employees around the world are smart, creative and passionate.

  • Giving back is a part of our company fabric

  • Our employees around the world are smart, creative and passionate.

  • We thrive on doing what's right.

  • "Do what you love" - Don Fisher

  • Walking for a cause

Do more than sell clothes

With their dedication to building a business, that also made a difference in the community, Gap Inc. founders Doris and Don Fisher made social responsibility part of our company fabric. We thrive on doing what's right and working with integrity and responsibility for our customers, our employees and the environment.

We are all about authentic American style and we want you to be your authentic self. Our work environment is inclusive and based on teamwork and collaboration. Be yourself and you will fit right in. At Gap Inc. colleagues become friends and friends become family.


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Doing what's right

Doing what's right where we live and work.

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At Gap Inc. diversity and inclusion means growth-as individuals, as brands, and as a company. We want you to bring your whole self to work