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Be creative. Take risks. Do what’s right. Stay focused on customers. That’s the vision that set Gap apart from the very beginning. We’re a brand with a heart, a culture of family. We value people who lean in, take initiative, and feel empowered.

Our employees embody the words of our founder Don Fisher, “Do What You Love.” Whether in headquarters or the store, there’s a sense of loyalty, passion, and pride for Gap among our people. Employees love what they do and are excited to help Gap continue to grow.

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Location: San Francisco, CA

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We’re looking for talented individuals to join our team for the holiday season. Learn more about our special in-store holiday recruiting event on October 17.


Location:  San Francisco, CA

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Learn more about our efforts to make positive contributions to the people, environment and communities where we live and work.


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Location: San Francisco, CA

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Learn how we’re doing more for our U.S. employees by increasing the minimum hourly rate.