• A feeling. A warm memory. A spark of inspiration.

  • Through creative conversations, rough samples turn into real clothes.

  • A factory - one that meets our strict ethical standards - goes into production.

  • At our distribution centers, cartons are counted, sorted and sent to stores.

  • We connect with our customers, offering products that fit their lifestyles.

How we do business

From the start, Gap Inc.'s story wasn't going to be limited to just selling jeans. Doris and Don Fisher made certain that integrity would become a hallmark of their business.

As we continue to expand our presence internationally, we're more aware than ever how our decisions affect the communities in which we do business. And our philosophy is simple: We seek to make a positive, lasting impact on the people and in the places where we operate.

We listen to our customers around the world, and share their expectations. For us, that means looking deeper into our supply chain to ensure that we take a responsible path throughout the product lifecycle, from the source to our stores.


Our commitment to customers while delivering quality earnings and value to shareholders.


It's how we work – everywhere we are, around the world.


We are committed to ensuring that all shoppers, guests and employees are treated with respect and dignity. Read our Customer Bill of Rights.


Since 1969, we have been committed to advancing the lives of people around the world by doing more than selling clothes. Learn more: www.letsdomore.com


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